Blue Grave

Blue Grave

While this may just look like a blue Gravestone in appearance, a Blue Grave allows you to plant and harvest blue zombies, if you meet the required level.

Level Required: 1

Size: 2x2

Description: Allows you to plant blue zombies

Cost: 2 BrainSmall(2000 coins in Zombie Farm 2)

Life Force: +4

XP: +160

Text: This is no ordinary gravestone. Blue Grave is made of magical material that allows you to make blue zombies.

Zombie Farm 2 Info

Blue grave info


  • Blue Grave older

    Older version

    Given XP was 400 before Version 0.84
  • The older version of this grave had a "RIP" engraving instead of the skull.

Related achievement

A Grave New World Achievement A Grave New World
Collect the Blue Grave and the Red Grave.

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