Brains are the main currency of Zombie Farm. They can be used to buy things, such as the Mausoleum.

There are three (current) ways to get brains:

  1. Win them through a successful Invasion
  2. Purchase them through an In-App Purchase
  3. They can be won in daily luck wheel


Brains can be converted to gold, but the two are not interchangeable, as there is no way to convert Gold back to Brains.

There are three converting methods:

  • Convert 1 Brain to 1,000 Gold
  • Convert 4 Brains to 5,000 Gold (20% off)
  • Convert 7 Brains to 10,000 Gold (30% off)

Brain Fragments

Brain Fragment Brain Fragments can be earned by downloading and opening (running) certain apps. They are found in the Market under the Others tab. Various numbers of Brain Fragments ranging from about 17 - 32 are awarded for free apps and hundreds of Brain Fragments can be earned for purchased apps. Once 100 Brain Fragments are earned, they automatically convert into a Brain upon opening the Market.

The chance to collect Brain Fragments was added in Version 0.75

Currently, this feature is no longer available for use. It was removed in Version 0.88


2 brains Brain collected


  • With Version 0.84, some given XP changed on items selling only for Brains:
  • Before Version 0.87 the chance for a brain was written at the screen where you confirm you want to invade a specified enemy. If you've unlocked a new enemy your chance for a Brain against him was: "Excellent". It decreased when you reached higher levels: Good, Decent, Low, Horrible, Abysmal.

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