Abilities are special moves or powers that zombies can possess during Invasion. Each ability must be earned by defeating a certain enemy, and once that ability has been unlocked, every type of zombie that it applies to will be able to use it from then on. However, each ability requires a certain level of Life Force to be able to use; if a farmer has insufficient Life Force, the ability will be unlocked, but will be disabled.


Abilities have a range of uses from boosting a zombie's own stats to boosting a fellow zombie's stats to reviving a fallen zombie to carrying another zombie into battle. Because of this variety, each ability has it's own method of use, meaning that some require the player to push a button to activate it, some show an icon and automatically apply themselves, and some act completely silently. All abilities "complement" each other. For example, regular zombies have the ability "Chivalry," and female zombies have the ability "Grace." each of these abilitie help the other. "Chivalry" increases female zombie stats, and "Grace" increases regular zombie stats. To use these effectively, use the same number of each of this type of zombie in an invasion. For example, using two female zombies and two regular zombies. Also, large zombies have "mini buddy," which carries an extra zombie (in this case a small zombie) to the battle. ZomBotanists have "fortitude," which helps headless zombies. Use these unique abilities to help perfect your invading.


Abilities can be classified into 4 "levels" that all share a common enemy, Life Force requirement, and affected Zombies.

5% All Stats 10% Speed          10% Power 10% Life Heal
UnLocked by beating Old McDonnell
Requires 30 Life Force
Used by Combined, Red, Blue, Green

Chivalry Grace          Mini Buddy Protect Fortitude
UnLocked by beating the Lawyers
Requires 65 Life Force
Used by Combined, Red, Blue

Laser Beam Random Stun Explode Bash Turbo Walking Speed Resurrect
UnLocked by beating the Pirates
Requires 105 Life Force
Used by Combined, Red

Laser Beam Ver2 Double Strike Explode Ver2 Smash Block Heal All
UnLocked by beating the Ninjas
Requires 150 Life Force
Used by Combined

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Zombie's Got Talent Achievement Zombie's Got Talent
Collect all zombie abilities.

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