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Combined Zombies

Zombee LightGreen Zombarian Teal Imp Zombie LightBlue Zombielocks Purple Party Zombie DeepRed Robo Zombie Orange
Level 25+
Level 25+
Imp Zombie
Level 25+
Level 25+
Party Zombie
Level 25+
Robo Zombie
Level 25+

Combined Zombies are the fourth and 3rd most powerful form of zombies that can be created. You must be Level 25 or higher to purchase a Zombie Pot which is essential to make these Combined Zombies.Combined Zombies are made by combining two zombies together in a Zombie Pot. After an hour (or 15 minutes with a Clay Monolith) these zombies are ready to be taken out. Combined Zombies do not wilt in the Zombie Pot. There is also a chance to get a special zombie, but that is rare

It is possible to combine any color/type of zombie together and the outcome will be random if two kinds of zombies are combined. Read more about combining.


Combine the two zombies you want to mix in the upper row to get the Combined Zombies.
Note: You cannot make magenta Robo Zombie and Zombielocks, but you can create the orange color in two ways.

ZombieZombie ZombieZyborg ZyborgZyborg ZyborgZombot ZombotZombot ZombotZombie
Robo Zombie LightGreen Robo Zombie Teal Robo Zombie LightBlue Robo Zombie Purple Robo Zombie Orange Robo Zombie Orange

Girl ZombieGirl Zombie Girl ZombieZomBeauty ZomBeautyZomBeauty ZomBeautyAmazombie AmazombieAmazombie AmazombieGirl Zombie
Zombielocks LightGreen Zombielocks Teal Zombielocks LightBlue Zombielocks Purple Zombielocks Orange Zombielocks Orange

Mini ZombieMini Zombie Mini ZombieZmurf ZmurfZmurf ZmurfZomGoblin ZomGoblinZomGoblin ZomGoblinMini Zombie
Imp Zombie LightGreen Imp Zombie Teal Imp Zombie LightBlue Imp Zombie Purple Imp Zombie DeepRed Imp Zombie Orange

ZomBumpkinZomBumpkin ZomBumpkinZomBruiser ZomBruiserZomBruiser ZomBruiserZomBrute ZomBruteZomBrute ZomBruteZomBumpkin
Zombarian LightGreen Zombarian Teal Zombarian LightBlue Zombarian Purple Zombarian DeepRed Zombarian Orange

Headless ZombieHeadless Zombie Headless ZombieKindlehead KindleheadKindlehead KindleheadFlamehead FlameheadFlamehead FlameheadHeadless Zombie
Party Zombie LightGreen Party Zombie Teal Party Zombie LightBlue Party Zombie Purple Party Zombie DeepRed Party Zombie Orange

Garden ZombieGarden Zombie Garden ZombieZomBotanist ZomBotanistZomBotanist ZomBotanistFlower Zombie Flower ZombieFlower Zombie Flower ZombieGarden Zombie
Zombee LightGreen Zombee Teal Zombee LightBlue Zombee Purple Zombee DeepRed Zombee Orange

Robo Zombie Gray Zombielocks Gray Imp Zombie Gray Zombarian Gray Party Zombie Gray Zombee Gray


  • Combined Zombies' sell price is 10 Gold oddly, while other zombies sell for their original price + 10 Gold (plowing price).
  • Combined Zombies, the Zombie Pot, and the Clay Monolith was released with Version 0.77
  • Version 0.86 changed the description from: "NOT FOR SALE. You must combine ... type zombies" to: "Use the Zombie Pot to grow this zombie." except for the Robo Zombie, maybe because he is in a different page.[verification needed]


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