"Be watchful, ya gotta harvest yer crops when they're ready or they'll wither away."

Farming Actions



A field that has been selected to be plowed.

Before you do any real farming, you have to plow the land. Plowing costs 10 Gold, whether you plow. Every time you plow, you get 1 experience point (XP), which will help you gain levels.

Plow as you want, and he will plow them in the order you clicked - you do not have to wait for one plowing to finish in order to get ready for future plowings. Use Insta-Plow to plow any unplowed land on the farm.

If you buy the Plowing Monolith, plowing does not cost any Gold, but you do not get any XP.

Plowing and Fertilizing

If you have any Garden Zombies on your farm, every new plant (and zombie in the updated version) has a chance to be fertilized.

Plowing, Planting and Harvesting can be speeded up by buying a Speed Monolith .

Barren and Plowed Land


Once you have land that's been plowed, you're ready to start planting. In addition to plants, Zombie Farm lets you "plant" many varieties of zombies. You can tell your farmer to plant the same type of crop in many different fields in succession just by clicking on plowed fields without waiting for the first to finish.

After a crop has been planted, click on its field; that will tell you how much time remains, until it is ready to be harvested. Use Insta-Grow if you don't want to wait for the crop to grow.

Seeded Land and Fresh Zombie


When the grow time for your crop has elapsed, you are ready to harvest! Harvesting sells the plants you had growing for whatever their sell price is, or pulls your zombie up out of the ground. If a plant was fertilized, it will sell for twice the selling price. If your life force is too low, a zombie may be declared Lifeless, meaning it was lost in the harvesting process. After a crop is fully grown, you can not check how long it has been growing for; this is especially relevant to zombies. If you have a full army of (16) Zombies on the farm, but also have fully grown zombies in the ground, they will be sold for purchase price, +1 gold coin when harvested. You may want to make an invasion, use the Zombie Pot, or Mausoleum, to reduce the army' before harvesting any more zombies. The bottom line is always do your very best to remember when you planted stuff, and it will save you in the long run. Use Insta-Harvest to harvest everything on the farm instantly.

Grown Plant and Grown Zombie


If a crop is left in the ground for too long, it will wilt or wither; that includes zombies. The usual wilt time for both plants and zombies is 3x its growth time (so a crop that takes 15 minutes to grow will wilt 45 minutes after it is ready: 1 hour after it was planted). A wilted crop or zombie is essentially treated as barren land, unless you use Regrowth, which can bring back wilted crops and lifeless zombies.

Keep in mind that some plants will never wither and some plants whither extremely fast; you need to treat these plants carefully in order to use them to their full potential.

(Note: In Zombie Farm 2 they no longer wilt, now crops stay fresh for 3x grow time.)

Dead Crops and Dead Zombie


Fertilizing is an act that causes a plant to give twice as much Gold when it comes time to harvest. When you plant a crop and you have a garden zombie on your farm, that plant has a chance of being fertilized. The odds depend on how many and what type of garden zombies you have. Zombies can be fertilized when planted, and with the 0.81 update, a Fertilized Zombie now gives you the money you spent on it back when harvested. I.E: Plant a Mini Zombie for 55 Gold, Fertilize. When harvested you will get a Fertilizer bonus of +55 Gold and the Mini Zombie. Fertilizing greatly affects the strategy of how plants are grown.

Related achievements

Ready for Farmin' Achievement Ready for Farmin'
Complete the farming tutorial.
Green Thumb Achievement Green Thumb
Have Your Garden Zombie fertilize 100 times.

Farm Size

As you play and progress as a farmer, you will probably need more space, which is why you can purchase an upgrade for your farm size. The upgrade takes place as soon as you make the purchase and cannot be undone.

  • Starting Farm (30x30)


A good way to quickly change the look of your farm is to change its ground. After you purchase a ground upgrade, you can switch between them whenever you like by returning back to the Ground section of the Upgrade menu in the Market. Ground upgrades are purely for looks and do not affect your plants or zombies in any way.

Related achievement

Grounds Keeper Achievement Grounds Keeper
Unlock all ground upgrades in the market.

Farmer Heads

Although at the start the user has a choice of 6 normal farmers (3 male, 3 female), they can buy aditional Farmer Heads via In-App Purchases, different farmers that each have their own special ability.Heads

Special Abiltities:

  • Paper Bag Head: +10% more Gold for harvesting (Comes with Version 0.78.1)
  • Monolith Head: -25% grow time for zombies (Comes with Version 0.78.1)
  • Pumpkin Head: +10% more Gold for harvesting (Comes with Version 0.78.1)
  • Skeleton Male: +10% zombie life
  • Skeleton Female: +10% zombie life
  • Vampire Male: +10% zombie strength
  • Vampire Female: +10% zombie strength
  • Zombie King: -25% hunger time for zombies (Comes with Version 0.73)
  • Zombie Queen: -25% hunger time for zombies (Comes with Version 0.73)

Each individual farmer costs $1.99 USD, £1.50 or 1.59 €. You can switch the farmer at any time, and a purchased farmer will stay yours forever. Even if you buy more of the Farmer Heads you can have only one special ability at a time, means you can't have +10% strength and +10% life in an invasion.

  • The Monolith Head is a little different: If you plant a zombie, let's say Zyborg, you don't have to wear the Monolith Head for 3 hours constantly. After 2 hours with any other Head you'll see 2 hours remaining, now select the Monolith Head and the counter will switch to 1 hour. Of course when you select another Head, the timer sets back to normal timing.
  • The same works for Zombie King & Queen.
  • The Paper Bag Head and the Pumpkin Head (+10% more Gold for harvesting) won't get you the +10% boost when using Insta-Harvest.


  • The updates used to play a bit with farmer heads. From Version 0.87, they are not part of the farming tools, but the game menu.
  • Icons changed during updates: FarmerButton to: FarmerButton 2, in 0.86, but changed again in 0.87: Farmer Button
  • Also the selected head was marked by a check mark, an arrow, or by nothing. In Version 0.87 the not-purchased heads are locked and blanked-out. note the zombie monolith wil not work


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