Decorating your farm with Decors is all well and good, but when it comes time to get down to business, Functional Items enhance your farm, save you Gold, and make your life easier. Because they are so precious they will cost you many hard-earned Brains.

Shabby Shack Fine Shed Wood Hut Bone Hut Happy Shack Monster Shack Abandoned Barn McDonnell's Barn
Storage Items can store anything except ground, road, zombie pots, and zombies.

Mutant Monolith Zombie Monolith Plowing Monolith Speed Monolith Clay Monolith
Monoliths are giant Zombie Easter Island heads that have special powers.

Mausoleum Mausoleum 2 Mausoleum 3 Rusty Fragment
Rusty Key

Mausoleum and its upgrades will allow you to store zombies.

Blue Grave Red Gravesilver grave
Blue and Red Grave are required for blue and red zombies to be planted.

now, you can also buy silver grave with Zombie Farm 2 (picture is now not available)

Zombie Camera Zombie Patch Zombie pot empty
Zombie Camera, Zombie Patch and Zombie Pot

Related achievements

A Grave New World Achievement A Grave New World
Collect the Blue Grave and the Red Grave.
Easter Island Achievement Easter Island
Collect all Monoliths.
Storage Galore Achievement Storage Galore
Fully upgrade your storage building.
Rest In Peace Achievement Rest In Peace
Unlock the Mausoleum.

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