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Unlike other zombie types, Garden Zombies are not meant for battle. Instead, their purpose is to roam around your farm and fertilize your plants. While they can be sent on invasions, their main tactic is to heal other zombies to help with the invasion. But as they become more advanced with more abilities, they will even be able to help headless zombies in battle, resurrect fallen zombies, and even heal all of them at the same time.


Garden type zombies may posses the following abilities:

Level Ability Used By
1 Heal Cupid Zombie, Zombutterfly, Zombee, Flower Zombie, ZomBotanist, Garden Zombie
2 Fortitude Cupid Zombie, Zombutterfly, Zombee, Flower Zombie, ZomBotanist
3 Resurrect Cupid Zombie, Zombutterfly, Zombee, Flower Zombie
4 Heal All Cupid Zombie, Zombutterfly, Zombee

Related achievements

Green Thumb Achievement Green Thumb
Have Your Garden Zombie fertilize 100 times.


Garden Zombies share names with Regular Zombies and Headless Zombies.

  • Barney, Barry, Ben, Bill, Billy, Bob, Brad, Brutus, Buddy
  • Chuck
  • Dirt, Dolf, Doug
  • Ed, Ernie
  • Frank, Fred
  • George
  • Harry, Hector, Henry
  • Jack, Jerry, Joe
  • Larry
  • Manny, Mickey, Mike, Moe, Meatloaf
  • Ned, Nick, Nikolaus, Norman
  • Otto
  • Rob, Rugal, Ruthgar
  • Sam
  • Ted
  • Will


There is a method of upgrading your Mausoleum,putting your Battle Zombies in said Mausoleum. After doing so, plant as many Zombees as possible. When they're ready to harvest, harvest them and put as many in the Zombie pot(s). Combine them to get Zombutterflies, as they have the highest Fertilizing chance compared to other garden zombies. Get at least 10 Zombutterflies in order for an unfertilized crop to be rare. Now while you're waiting for invasions, trade your Battle army out for the Garden Zombies to have a higher chance of Fertilizing your crops,thus making you twice the amount of gold.

Note:Remember to trade in and out when the invasion timer goes off. If you forget, you will lose all of your Garden Zombies.

For Mutations, Farmers prefer to use life mutations. (Includes Potato,Flytrap,lima bean, and heartichoke mutations) due to a Garden Zombie's low health.

Note: The speed booster mutations cannot speed up the healing ability.


  • Garden Zombie fertilization cloud colors can vary due to combinations. (All fertilization colors are green,red,blue,yellow,and white.)
  • Cupid Zombies are considered as Yellow Zombies, as their fertilization cloud is yellow.
  • Garden Zombies and Headless Zombies work excellent together in battle, mostly because of the Garden Zombie's "Fortitude" ability increasing Headless Zombies' health.
  • Fffewdf has the oldest un-mutated Zombutterfly in the Zombie farm community, having survived over 840 invasions and counting. Good job, Fffewdf!


  • These zombies' life is less than life on "Stats" table.
  • When a Garden Zombie fertilizes your crop while walking, they will appear to 'walk nowhere.'
  • When you have an army full of Garden Zombies, only one will fight. This makes it more possible for Do or Die to occur, but it is impossible for the fighter zombie to die, as there are multiple Garden Zombies healing it.


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