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Zombie Headless Zombie Girl Zombie Mini Zombie ZomBumpkin Garden Zombie
Level 1
Headless Zombie
Level 2
Girl Zombie
Level 3
Mini Zombie
Level 4
Level 5
Garden Zombie
Level 6

Green Zombies are the first set of zombies that you can grow. They don't require anything special; you can plant them after they're unlocked. They can unlock and use the first set of abilities if the Life Force amount is over 30 except Mini Zombie who has no abilities so make sure you spend your money on good Life Force value items if you can. They are good against Old McDonnell in the early levels, but the next enemies will wipe them out even with good mutations.

From the beginning of the game you are allowed to buy and plant a Flower Zombie (cost: 1 Brain) even without the Red Grave he can help you out at the start by fertilizing much more plants than Garden Zombie earning you more gold this way and heal your zombies. Or you can get the unique Green Flower Zombie for free using the green flower zombie boost item.

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