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Headless Zombies may not be very strong or fast, but are very tough. They favor life over strength and speed, and are essential to have on some invasions because in invasions headless zombies can't see where they're going so they always head to the front, usually kicking out a zombie from the front line. Headless zombies are also smart (even though they have no brain), if a new headless can come in to take it's place, the old zombie will head to the back immediately and let the new guy take over.


Headless type zombies may posses the following abilities:

Level Ability Used By
1 +10% Life Party Zombie, Flamehead, Kindlehead, Headless Zombie
2 Protect Party Zombie, Flamehead, Kindlehead
3 Turbo Walking Speed Party Zombie, Flamehead
4 Block Party Zombie


Headless Zombies share names with Regular Zombies and Garden Zombies.

  • Barney, Barry, Beefcake, Ben, Bill, Billy, Bob, Brad, Brutus, Buddy, Bluto, Boris
  • Chuck
  • Dirt, Dolf, Doug
  • Ed, Ernie
  • Frank, Fred
  • George
  • Harry, Hector, Henry
  • Jack, Jerry, Joe
  • Larry
  • Manny, Mickey, Mike, Moe
  • Ned, Nick, Nikolaus, Norman
  • Otto
  • Rob, Rugal, Ruthgar
  • Sam
  • Ted
  • Will

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