In addition to growing brain-hungry zombies and delicious plants, you can also buy a vast assortment of items. There are a few items that actually serve some distinct purpose which are commonly called Functional Items, but the rest (Decor and Trees) help you make your farm look good, and can add to your Life Force. Every item you put on your farm can be moved and rotated, except for ground; once you plow a square of ground, it's there for good, unless you delete it and plow a new one. Every item you buy can be sold back to the market at a very small fraction of what you paid for (sometimes even none at all), but this should be used only as a last resort (i.e., you ran out of Gold), or if you just don't want the item anymore and find it getting in the way.

Zombie Farm Wiki offers you to browse the rich selection of items in the current version, and all the limited seasonal items from the game's history:

Cat func Cat decor Cat tree
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