These invasions are limited, meaning that they are seasonal and can only be playable during certain versions. They normally have a Seasonal: word before the name of the invasion, sometimes counted as a whole title. Old McDonnell's Farm Christmas edition oddly doesn't have a Seasonal: word before it's real name. All Limited invasions are all unlocked at Level 8 except Old McDonnell's Farm (Christmas Version), which is unlocked at the first level, like the regular one.

Zombie Farm Wiki owns a total of 7 Limited Invasion pages during the whole history, listed below:

Xmas McDonnell Icon SquiDude Icon EasterBadger DairyKing Count von Uberbiss Icon Photo 12-03-12 10 45 26 AM Photo 31-03-12 8 59 38 PM
Old McDonnell's Farm (Christmas) Seasonal: Spring Break Seasonal: Easter Seasonal: Brain Freeze Seasonal: Halloween Seasonal: Valentine's Day Tree World


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