Monoliths are special statues available for purchase in the market. Each one provides a special effect when added to your farm. Monoliths are the most expensive items in the game, as they only can be bought with Brains. Buying all five of them costs a total of 50 brains, so it's important to buy Monoliths that provide the best benefits first.

Mutant Monolith All mutations successful. 8 Brains
Zombie Monolith No more lifeless zombies. 10 Brains
Plowing Monolith Plowing costs no gold. 10 Brains
Speed Monolith Farming actions are super fast. 10 Brains
Clay Monolith Zombies combine four times fast. 12 Brains
Mutant Monolith Zombie Monolith Plowing Monolith Speed Monolith Clay Monolith

Related achievement

Easter Island Achievement Easter Island
Collect all Monoliths.


Monoliths still retain their effect on your gameplay, even if they are in Storage.

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