Mutations occur randomly when zombies are planted next to a plant, boosting a certain stat if it is successful. (Orthogonal and diagonal directions both work.) A mutated zombie will show the icon for that plant in its stats screen, in addition to that part on the zombie looking different.

In order for a mutation to take place (or even have a chance at taking place), you must purchase the mutation from the Market (Upgrades, Mutations). Even after the mutation is purchased, there is only a possibility of its happening, based on your amount of Life Force; the higher the Life Force, the higher the chance that a mutation will occur. You can ensure a successful mutation every time by purchasing a Mutant Monolith. And remember: Always harvest the zombie before the surrounding plants!

There are five body parts that can be mutated: Head, Hair/Eye, Arm, Body, and Neck. Each body part can have only one mutation, and Hair and Eye mutations are the same spot meaning you can't have a hair and eye at the same time. I.E. You can't have carrot eye and cauliflower hair mutations at the same time. Headless Zombies can only have Body, Arm, Neck mutations. (And the Pumpking Head Mutation which was only available in Version 0.80 and Version 1.05.)

Mutations Categories

Multiple Mutations

Planting different plants around each zombie can stack mutations. For example, harvesting a ZomBruiser which has Celery, Lima Bean, Coffee and Carrots planted in adjacent squares will give four mutations - two for speed, one for life, and one for power. The crops do not have to be ready for harvesting, only planted in adjacent squares. Adjacent squares also include the squares diagonal to the planted zombie's square, so there are 8 squares in total which can affect your zombie's mutations.


Buy the mutations as soon as possible, and later on the game always use as many mutations as possible. They can make your life easier. Which mutations should you use on a...?

  • Regular zombie: Garlic, Cauli, Dragon, Bean, Flytrap. If you think speed is more important use Coffee head, and if you want a little more life use Potato.
  • Female zombie: Same as above.
  • Small zombie: Same as above.
  • Large zombie: Same as above.
  • Headless zombie: Dragon, Bean, Flytrap. Everyone will agree with this. Also Pumpking and Cauliflower. (No longer available.)
  • Garden zombie: Potato, Cauli, Bean, Flytrap, Carrot. +12 defense, +1 speed. While these zombies are not for fighting, having them is important, to keep important zombies alive.

If your level is not high enough, swap the mutation with a weaker one.

Mutation Chart


Related achievement

Mutant Parade Achievement Mutant Parade
Unlock all zombie Mutations.

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