"Completing quests will give you some bonus experience to help you level up faster."

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Quests offers experience points in the change of buying items or zombies, doing some farming actions, or winning invasions. Quests will pop up at the left side of the screen, and can only be deleted if the quest is done.

There are 6 main type of quests

Plowing Quest Harvesting Quest Zombie Harvesting Quest Zombie Quest Decor Quest Farm Photography Quest
Plowing Planting, Harvesting Harvesting Zombies Invasions, combining Buying Decorations Farm Photography

Some quests has a level requirement, but some will pop up when a predefined number of quests are done. The last quest pops up at Level 28. Doing all the quests will cost you more than 32,000 Gold and 5 Brain, and will earn you 3,500 XP

There are some seasonal, limited quests

Valentine Quest EasterQuests

Halloween Quests

Valentine Quests

Easter Quests

Halloween Quests


Possible quest order

Levels 1-9

Preparin' The Farm

Overrun the Farm

A Bountiful Harvest

A Zombieful Harvest

Tomato Farmin'!

Corpse Variety!

Ruff n' Tuff!

Clean Up After Yourself

Bread Farm

Farm Essentials

Farm Essentials 2

Grave Essentials

Grave Essentials 2 

Poppy Power


Breaking the Spell

Levels 10-19

Farming the farmer

Farm Photography

Plow Now Brown Cow

Flower Power

Big Top Bash


Capture the Flag

A Fruit and a Spine

Laying Down The Law

It's Plow Or Never

Farm Photography

Man or Machine


Levels 20-28

Dead Flowers

Plundering the Pirates

Plow It Good

Farm Photography


Corpse Party

Cook Up Some Zombies

Cook Up Some More Zombies 

Looting the Ninjas

Live Laugh Plow

Farm Photography 


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