Special invasion loots are unique loots that players can win from each enemy. They cannot be bought at the Market, and players can have only one of each of them. (Similar to Banners in this aspect.) It is unknown if players can win them without using Golden Dice.

Windmill Monument Parrrrot Taiko Drum Mechanical Bull Satellite Dish
Windmill Monument Parrot Taiko Drum Mechanical Bull Satellite Dish

Check below the seasonal special loot, get them before updating!

Giant Clam Golden Egg
Giant Clam Golden Egg


  • Using three Golden Dice gives you a 20% chance of winning a unique item, and using any more than three golden dice will increase your chances of winning other items, like a brain.


  •  in Version 0.85 to 0.87 Keep your special loot in your Storage, or they might turn into a plowed land. (That's a common problem with animated items.)

Other Rare Loots

Zombie Farm has some more rare loots, they are not special, but they cannot be bought at the Market either:

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