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Level 1
Level 1
Level 1
Zombelly Dancer
Level 1
Level 1
Skull Head
Level 1

Special Zombies are a type of combined zombies. They can be grown with a Zombie Pot just like the normal combined zombies but you are less likely to get one when combining. You can also buy one from the 'Special' Section of the 'Crops' Menu for 50 Brains each. They share the same abilities as the normal combined zombies but their stats are better. They are the most useful of the Zombie types, having advanced stats that make them better in battle.

Note: This also means that a Zombutterfly does indeed have the highest fertilizing chance from the other Garden Zombies, excluding the Cupid Zombie.


  • You can have mutiple special zombies.
  • Special Zombies are all unlocked at level 1 the shop. But you need to wait until level 25 to have a chance to grow them in the zombie pot. (Level 3 to combine in zombie farm 2.)
  • Special Zombies are added in Version 1.03
  • Special Zombies

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