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Fine Shed

The Fine Shed, the second of the Storage Items

"To store items from yer farm you have to buy a Shed from the market."
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The Storage Items are a series of upgradeable buildings that allow you to store anything except Land , Road, Zombie Pots, Zombies and the Mausoleum. Each step in the Storage Items simply replaces the last on your farm and gives you 8 more storage slots. A farmer's Storage can be accessed by either pressing the info button when a Storage Item is selected or by pressing the Storage button on the right side of the screen. From Version 0.86 , Boosts and Items are stored separately, giving you more storing space. Also you can now sell items (and even Boosts) inside your storage without having to bring them out on your farm. Your spare will be stored in the Decors section of your Storage.

The Storage Sheds:

Shabby Shack Fine Shed Wood Hut Bone Hut Happy Shack Monster Shack Abandoned Barn McDonnell's Barn

Click the picture of the shed to get more information on it.

Related achievement

Storage Galore Achievement Storage Galore
Fully upgrade your storage building.


  • After buying all of the Storage Items, a farmer will have spent a total of 925,000 Gold.
  • The storage items seem to be in pairs, at least in apperance.
  • Although McDonell's Barn gives you a total of 64 storage slots, there is still 1 more row (8 more slots) that are still locked, suggesting that the developer is going to expand the Storage Items in the future.

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