"This is yer basic home grown zombie. Although he is happy to be alive he seems lonely. Plant more zombies to give him buddies! In the meantime he's gonna wander around yer farm."

Unlike other farming games that just let you grow plants, Zombie Farm lets you grow real, live, undead zombies. Zombies grow just like plants, meaning that you must wait for them to ripen, and that if you do not harvest them, they will wilt.

Classes & Types

Zombies are divided up into several classes and are mostly referred to by color (except for Combined & Special Zombies which have no set color).

In each class, there are 6 different types of zombies, each with varying strengths and weaknesses:


ZombieButton 2


Every Color-Type has a set standard for stats to start out with:

Zombie Comparison

Note that stats can be affected by Mutations, Rank and heads do to



A Veteran Zombie

If a zombie is part of a successful invasion, it will increase in rank, earning the title Veteran. For every step up in rank, a zombie will receive +5% to every one of its stats, meaning a Veteran 1 will receive 5%, a Veteran 2 will receive 10%, etc. When a zombie is a part of its 5th successful invasion, it earns the name of Master, meaning it has capped out on rank and receives the highest stat boost (25%).

Rank does not pass down through combining, since the result is technically a new zombie. That means that if you combine two Masters, the combo zombie will be a non-Veteran and will have the same stats as if you had combined two non-Veterans.

Related achievements

Veteran's Day Achievement Veteran's Day
All active zombies are veterans.
Master's Degree Achievement Master's Degree
All active zombies are masters.


On the android version (at least) sometimes even after a zombie has completed an invasion it does not go up in rank.


Also, just a note to a person who is willing to edit this wiki, please clarify whether or not the percent boost for each rank is acumulative. For example, if one zombie gets to Veteran rank 1 and gets the 5% boost, does it get an additional 10% boost when it gets to Veteran rank 2 (for a total of a 15% boost)? Or is it just an additional 5% added to the Venteran rank 1 5% boost to get a TOTAL of a 10% boost? No, it becomes 10% altogether. It stays as +5% always.


Zombies can also gain special abilities that they can use in battle. The abilities range from special attacks, to reviving a fallen comrade, to boosting the stats of fellow zombies. You must earn abilities by defeating an enemy and once an ability for a zombie type has been unlocked, every zombie of that type -present and future- will be able to use that ability.

Abilities also require Life Force to work. The amount of life force required depends on what enemy you had to defeat to earn the ability.


Many people have been having issues with abilities. Here are some of the bugs reported, some with possible solutions:

  • Winning an ability but it not showing up in the stats screen; one solution reported is to update the game and then restart your iDevice.
  • Winning an invasion that gives an ability to a zombie type that you do not have crashes the game, meaning you get no spoils.


The main use for zombies is an army for your Invasions, with each zombie's different strengths and weaknesses playing into what types you should grow when battling certain enemies. If a zombie survives an invasion, it will raise it's rank which boosts its stats slightly.

However, the Garden Zombies play an entirely different role on your farm; instead of having good stats to help with invasions, Garden Zombies help your plants by fertilizingthem, giving them a higher yield when it comes time to harvest. Lifeless Zombies One of the differences between plants and zombies is that zombies may come out of the ground as "lifeless," meaning that you essentially lost the zombie in the process. The likeliness of getting a lifeless zombie depends on how much life force you have, meaning 100% life force will result in very few lifeless zombies. To make sure none of the zombies are lifeless, a farmer can buy the Zombie Monolith.

Usage and guide of zombie types in battle

Normally, early players tend to use only Large Zombie and occasionally Garden Zombies behind to heal them. This is effective in the early stages including Old McDonnell's Farm as naturally these zombies are stronger in terms of both power and life, and the difference in speed is not influential. But after defeating the Lawyers and Pirates the player can have a choice in teaming up Large Zombie with Small Zombies, or Regular Zombies with Female Zombies.

These two sets of zombies are quite exchangeable in battle and all have its pros and cons.

Large Zombie with Small Zombies Regular Zombies with Female Zombies
Uses Large Zombies include buffs and attacks like Mini Buddy which flings the Small Zombies into the enemies' face. After that, the Small Zombies can explode at will. Stunning the opponent, whilst the Large Zombies dish out generous damage. Regular Zombies do not lack behind much than Large Zombies. The Female and Regular Zombies' 'Grace' and 'Chivalry' buff enables each other to have a certain percentage of stats increased. This covers up quite a bit of the difference they have between Large Zombies. In addition, Female Zombies generally do more damage and is more effective in battle than Small Zombies
Pros Pure, brute, damage. Boss effective. Balanced, non-risky..
Cons Small Zombies do explode away. Even if they don't, they put up little resistance to strong attacks. And Large Zombies are less effective against the Aliens. Can't think of any. This setup hasn't much pros nor cons.

Garden Zombies and Headless Zombies

Garden Zombies used to be put in near the end of the battle, until the update allowing you to select the order of your zombies was implented. They are advised to be situated somewhere between the end and the middle of battle in an invasion if the boss throws objects at a low rate.

Headless Zombies are to be put right in the front of the line as they have to absorb most damage, they should be backed up with the other Zombie types. Avoid summoning more than 2 Headless Zombies in a row.


All zombie types has pre-set names, but they can also have one of your facebook friend's name.


Regular Headless Female Small Large Garden
Zombie Headless Zombie Girl Zombie Mini Zombie ZomBumpkin Garden Zombie
Zyborg Kindlehead ZomBeauty Zmurf ZomBruiser ZomBotanist
Zombot Flamehead Amazombie ZomGoblin


Flower Zombie
Robo Zombie Gray Party Zombie Gray Zombielocks Gray

Imp Zombie Gray

Zombarian Gray

Zombee Gray


Skull Head

Zombelly Dancer