Clay Monolith

Clay Monolith

The Clay Monolith shortens the time it takes to combine zombies.

Level Required: 25

Size: 2x2

Description: Zombies combine twice as fast

Cost: 12 Brains

Life Force: +4

XP: +960

Text: Clay monolith drops down the combine time of Zombie Pots from 1 hour to 15 minutes. You can now combine zombies a lot faster!

Short text: Zombie Pots combine in 15 minutes

Other notes: It comes with Version 0.77


  • It is the only monolith that has a level requirement.
  • The description was not changed, when the combining time reduced to 1 hour from 8 hours in Version 0.78
  • Given XP was 6,000 before Version 0.84
  • In Version 0.86 the short text was changed from "Zombie Pots combine twice as fast" to "Zombie Pots combine in 15 minutes" but the description is still incorrect in the Market.