Cupid Zombie

The unique Cupid Zombie


Cupid Arrow

The Cupid Zombie is a limited unique zombie. You can get him by using a Valentine Gift. After that, he was put into your Storage. You could have only one Cupid Zombie on your farm at a time, but it was possible to get the Valentine Gift several times. He is the strongest garden zombie, has about the same fertilizing chance, and the same abilities as the Zombee. In an invasion he shoots arrows on your zombies to heal them.

Market Info

Level Required: 1

Description: Special valentine's zombie. Was available as a gift for playing during the Valentine's Day period in 2011 and later available for purchase for a short period of time during Mother's Day 2011. Available during the Valentine's Day period in 2012.

Time: N/A

Cost: Available for purchase during Mother's Day 2011 for 8 brains. And Free for playing on Valentine's Day

Requires: Valentine Gift


Total: 31.5


HealFortitudeResurrectHeal All


  • Cupid Zombie cannot be combined.
  • It was possible to get more Valentine Gifts, you could keep switching the date on your iDevice and back to valentines day and it would keep giving you them (Version 0.84)
  • When it was available on Valentine's Day in 2011, it was green. When it was available on Valentine's Day 2012, its colour was changed to red.
  • You can only have one on your farm at once.


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