Explode Explode
Zombie will explode and stun the enemy. (use when fighting)
Unlock: Beat the Pirates
Life Force 105 or more to use ability
Used by: ZomGoblinImp Zombie GrayZombricaun
Type: Manual. Tap on the icon to explode (and kill) your zombie. It takes about 3 seconds to explode. I suggest you probably have a resurrect zombie somewhere when you use this 'talent.'

More abilities

Level 1 Level 2
5% All Stats10% Speed        10% Power10% LifeHeal ChivalryGrace        Mini BuddyProtectFortitude

Level 3 Level 4
Laser BeamRandom StunExplodeBashTurbo Walking SpeedResurrect Laser Beam Ver2Double StrikeExplode Ver2SmashBlockHeal All

Note: Imp Zombie can use Explode until Explode Ver.2 is unlocked. Zombies that die by Exploding will be resurrected if it's available.

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