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Below are some common questions that you might be asking. If you have a question of your own that you think other people might be wondering about too, post it in the discussion for this page. (Click on Talk.)

Q: How do I earn Brains?
A: The main way to earn Brains is Invasion. But keep in mind, you aren't guaranteed a brain every time, so just keep invading until you get one! For other ways to earn them, check out the Brains page.

Q: How can I get mutated zombies?
A: Mutations work per-plant. For every different mutation, first you must purchase the mutation in the Market (Upgrade, Mutations), then you plant a zombie next to the plant (orthogonal and diagonal directions both work). For more information on the different kinds of mutations, check out the Mutations page.

Q: How do I combine zombies?
A: Zombies can be combined using the Zombie Pot once you reach level 25 (the level required to buy a Zombie Pot). For more information, check out the Combining Zombies section.

Q: What level will do I need to be to get [this item]?
A: Check the certain product page for the specific item, or check out the Levels page for a complete list by level.

Q: How do I store items and zombies?
A: To store items, you need a Storage Item. To store zombies, you need a Mausoleum.

Q: How do I unlock the Mausoleum?
A: You must collect 3 Rusty Fragments through Invasions. Check out the Mausoleum page for more info.

Q: How do I unlock/use Abilities?
A: To unlock abilities, you must win Invasion. After the invasion, your zombies should have the abilities under the Ability tab if its stat page. Check out the specific page for an ability to see how to use it/what it does.

Q: What is the leaf at the top of the screen?
A: That is your Life Force. To see what Life Force does in the game, check out the Life Force section.

Q: How can i start a new game? How can i delete my progress?
A: Uninstall Zombie Farm. Reinstall the game. Go to airplane mode. Open the game. You should see a brand new level 1 farm! Save manually. Close the App. Set airplane mode off. Enable Game if it's blocked. Open Zombie Farm, and there you go! Or you can simply create a new Game Center account!

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