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Flower Zombie

A normal Flower Zombie

The Flower Zombie has more fertilizing power than the Zombotanist, and the Flower Zombie resembles a red regular zombie with flower petals around its face. He can be bought at beginning of game with 1 Brain, though you don't need a Red Grave to buy it this way. The Flower Zombie has higher fertilizing chance than ZomBotanist. For some reason, when you use many flower zombies in an invasion, the lack of damage to the zombies will end up in 'high performance' and better chance of unique items.

Market Info

Level Required: 20 (or 1)

Description: Fertilizes++

Time: 1 day

Cost: 150 Gold (or 1 Brain)

Requires: Red Grave

XP: +1


Total: 10


Heal Fortitude Resurrect

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