A friend in Zombie Farm dosen't nessasirly need to be your true friends, it's just somebody who you can use to play Zombie Tag with and gift them. The Gifting button is removed from the menu once you can visit your friends. Your pet will depend on your friend's pet, or none.

How to get a Friend?

It's actually very easy, you must be on Version 1.01 or higher. There will be a little icon of friends in the bottomleft corner of a page. Tap on it, then see a list of your friends. Click on one, then click visit to visit your friend!

What is Needs your Approval?

Needs your Approval is just somebody who want to set you as a Friend but you must accept it before you can visit thier farm.

How to accept the Needs your Approval?

It's very easy. Just like when you've got a friend, tap on it, and click accept (or ignore if you don't want them to be your friend).

How to Play Zombie Tag?

Click on the arrow button first, then click the play button. The zombies will run into a straight line and your farmer will be on the other side. The music is the same as the Invasion: Old McDonnell's Farm. When the numbers disapear, you can start tagging with your friends zombies. Thier Zombies will run at full speed (the same as your farmer), but rest sometimes. The zombie will turn gray when catched, and also a bit smaller.

Funny Stuff

A small zombie might even be bigger than a large zombie after the tag!


  • Error Signs could happen when reciving friends. It's not a bug.
  • People's farms will change if they moved thier farm.
  • The more friends you already have, the higher the chance someone else would send you a friends request.


If you want more friends, then please post your Friends ID name here for other people to gift you.

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