"If you have Game Center Friends you can now send them gifts in Zombie Farm!"

Gifting Button

How it works

In one the recent Zombie Farm updates players where given the ablity to be able to add their friends as 'Neigbors' and send them daily gifts even if they don't have a Playforge Account. Currently you need a Playforge Account to be able to send gifts to neighbors as well as other social features. On different days of the week you will have up to 4 different options of gifts to send depending on your level. To send gifts open up the Social Menu by clicking the orange button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen then select the 'Gifts' tab at the top then click on the nieghbor that you wish to send a gift then press 'Gift' and you will see this menu:


Gifting Options

Once you have selected a gift press 'Send' When your neighbor next goes on Zombie Farm they will be faced with the option of either accepting the gift and placing it in their storage or selling it for 10 gold. You will be required to be a certain level to send some gifts.

Level Requirments:

From Level 1 Friendly Tree , Glow Stone , Flat Grave , Insta-Harvest

From Level 10 Neighborly Tree , Glow Mushroom , Old Grave , Insta-Hunger

From Level 20 Amiable Tree , Glow Flower , Angel Grave , Regrowth

From Level 30 Hostile Tree , Glow Skull , Gargoyle Grave , Golden Dice


  • There is a serious bug in Game Center Gifting. Many users report their farms' being replaced with other farms
  • Gifting can make the game data corrupt, so the player will be kicked out of the game, at startup (at Syncing User data) making the game unable to play. Turning off WiFi, or putting your device in Airplane Mode, will allow you to start Zombie Farm. Go to Options and disable Game Center until PlayForge resolves the problem.
  • UPDATE: This bug was dealt with in 0.85 and there have been no instances of it happening for over a month. -- Old McDonnell, Playforge Support.

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