Insta-Harvest is a Boost that harvests all of the grown crops on your farm. It can either be bought in the Market, won from an Invasion or earned from the Zombie Salesman.

Keep in mind that Insta-Harvest is not selective so it will harvest everything, Plants and Zombies alike. That means that it will harvest all of your zombies (in the Zombie Pot too), even if it means selling everything beyond the 16 cap. This boost is convenient, as it saves time for harvesting your crops.

Sold in quantity: 4

Description: Instantly harvests everything

Cost: 1 brain

Text: It'll harvest everything on the farm in the blink of an eye.


  • The same effect of insta-harvest can be done for free if one simply clicks all of their ready crops (has them queued for harvest) then presses their iOS devices home button then immediately reopens the app. The same goes for insta-plow