Invasion Voucher
The Invasion Voucher is a Boost that grants the ability to bypass the timer and invade immediately! It can be bought in the Market.

Sold in quantity: 1

Description: Use this to remove the wait time for an invasion.

Cost: Depends on your level.

  • Levels 1-15: 10,000 Gold
  • Levels 16-20: 12,000 Gold
  • Levels 21-25: 14,000 Gold
  • Levels 26-30: 16,000 Gold
  • Levels 31-35: 18,000 Gold
  • Levels 36-40: 20,000 Gold
  • Levels 40+:maybe 22,000 Gold

Text: Invade immediately!

Other notes: It comes with Version 0.83


In Version 0.85 it will always show it's price as 10,000


It reads: Admit one

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