The Market is where you as a farmer purchases everything in the game.


  • Plants - This is one of the main sources of income in Zombie Farm.
  • Zombies - These little guys will fight for you and fertilize your Plants. And let others play Zombie Tag.


  • New - This tab will show you only the latest seasonal items (added in Version 0.87)
  • Functional Items - These items are the nearly required items up for purchase in Zombie Farm.
  • Decors - These items are here to make your farm look much better!
  • Trees - Trees make any farm look better!


  • Mutations - Mutations provide additional stat bonuses.
  • Farm Size - The larger the farm the more plots you can have, therefore more profit!
  • Ground - Only buyable with Brains, these allow your ground to look different.



Early UnBlock

Version 0.86 added the ability to unBlock some Market items with Brains earlier than the item's level requirement. Every +1 higher level costs 1 Brain. (For example; when you're at level 10, a level 12 item's unBlocking will cost 2, a lv 16 item's unlocking will cost 6 Brains) Zombies and Functional Items (except Storage and Clay Monolith) cannot be unBlocked early.