Mini Buddy Mini Buddy

Carry a mini zombie and ram the enemy (use before sending zombie).

Unlock Beat the Lawyers
Life Force 65 or more to use ability
Used by ZomBruiserZomBruteZombarian GrayZomvikingZanta Clause
Type Manual. Tap on the icon to "attach" the small zombie to the large one. (Send the large one before the small one.)

More abilities

Level 1 Level 2
5% All Stats10% Speed        10% Power10% LifeHeal ChivalryGrace        Mini BuddyProtectFortitude

Level 3 Level 4
Laser BeamRandom StunExplodeBashTurbo Walking SpeedResurrect Laser Beam Ver2Double StrikeExplode Ver2SmashBlockHeal All


  • Two zombies get into the fight in the time it normally takes to deploy one (This is a particularly big help if they are not fully hungry).
  • The best place of using this is after the 8th zombie has gone.
  • it is also useful if you are beating an high ranked invasion.