Mutant Monolith

Mutant Monolith

The Mutant Monolith will cause every mutation to be successful. While having 100% life force might help your chances slightly, a Mutant Monolith is the only way to make sure you get a successful mutation every time. If you have the Mutant Monolith, Combined Zombies made in the Zombie Pot will have all the mutations of the two combined zombies (one per body part).

In Zombie Farm 2, it instead halves the grow times of mutated zombies.

Level Required: 1

Size: 2x2

Description: All mutations successful

Cost: 8 BrainSmall (80 in Zombie Farm 2)

Life Force: +4

XP: +640

Text: Mutant Monolith causes all mutation chances to be successful. Mutate by planting zombies next to certain crops. Unlock mutations in the market.

Short text: All zombie mutation rolls are successful


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