Mystery Boxes were added in Zombie Farm on 26th June 2012 via Version 2.04 (ZF2) . They come in three 'types';

Mystery Box Options

The Mystery Boxes are in the "Featured" Tab.

Name Cost (Brains) Description
Mini Mystery Box 30 30% Discount
Mystery Box 50 30% Discount
MEGA Mystery Box 70 Chance for exclusive pet!

There are all sorts of new items in these boxes such as Jeeps and other items. You have a chance to get a Corgi in the Mega Mystery Box ONLY. Once you have received your item it will be in the "Received" section of your Storage. (Except for Pets, they are in the "Pets" section).


  • They were added in Version 2.04
  • Its unknown if they are only available in Version 2.04.

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