Invasion McDonnell Christmas

Christmas time!

This invasion is the Christmas edition of Old McDonnell's Farm!

It is a limited, christmas inspired invasion, to give you Christmas feeling. The land is snowy, the spoils and thrown items were changed and even the backgound music.

This 'skin' was available only in Version 0.82.

This page will only shows the differences.

Minions EnemyIcon



  • Chance: 90%
  • Power: 2
  • Life: 4
  • Speed: Depends
  • Attack: Poke
  • Chance: 10%
  • Power: Slice:3 Push:4 [verification needed]
  • Life: 4
  • Speed: Depends
  • Attack: Slice (90%)
  • Special: Push (10%)

Old McDonnell

Old McDonnell in Santa suit!He is just like Santa claus but only he wears a ragged one.

  • Power: 2
  • Life: 20
  • Speed: depends [verification needed]
  • Attack: Punch
  • Throwing: YellowGift GreenGift RedGift
  • Throwing speed: 0.5 secs


In addition to the spoils shared by all enemies, beating Old McDonnell has several unique spoils:

Red Gift Box Yellow Gift Box Green Gift Box Teddy Bear Farmer banner
Red Gift Box Yellow Gift Box Green Gift Box Teddy Bear Farmer Banner
common common common rare unique


Back to the standard Old McDonnell's Farm.


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