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Pro guide for all Zombie Farmer

Thing I want you TO KNOW in Zombie Farm, some people may have already known, there are:

-Invasion is a lot better than planting because invasion gets a lot of gold with free items or boosts!

-If you want to know which zombie are good in order, just look the level its unlocked (Except Garden type of zombies).

-More level, stronger Category:Zombies unlocked. But less chance to earn a brain in an invasion.

Here are some disunderstand I heard:

Q: Can I skip buying blue grave and buy red grave only?

-No, you need blue grave before buying red grave. And you also need red grave before buying zombie pot too!

Q: Large type of zombies are always the best, is that true?

-In green zombies Large Zombies are the worst type of zombies. in blue they are only useful with small zombies. red combined and special zombies have stun abilities. About others:

Monoliths you should buy in orders:

1) Mutant monolith

2) Speed monolith

3) Clay monolith

4) Plowing monolith

5) Zombie monolith

Fuctional items you should buy in orders:

1. Blue Grave

2. Red Grave

3. Mausoleum

4. Zombie Pot*

*3 brains cost zombie pot. A zombie pot that can be bought with gold you can buy at anytime!

Q: What about... um... Zombie Farm hack?

-You can hack if you have jailbroken iDevice by adding source in Cydia "" and search "Zombie Farm Gamecenter (DLC)" and download. But make sure you don't connect "Playforge account". But you shouldn't hack if your farm haven't been reset at least 2 times with level 20+. I hacked because I have to reset my farm 3 times! And I can't stand it anymore!

Thanks for reading :)

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