The Dairy King is in town with his big bad ice cream truck. Word on the street is that he's giving away free ice cream and everybody's getting BRAIN FREEZE.

Your zombies HATE brain freeze! They want their brains warm. Download the latest update , lead your zombies to battle, and put a stop to this ice cream menace! Requirements : Level 8

Population : 8

Winning : Zombies are Triumphant! Dairy King has been banished to the depths of the suburbs. Your zombies can once again enjoy their brains nice and warm.

Losing : All that delicious ice cream really took a toll on your zombies. Their brains have been frozen by the Dairy King!

Gold ( Without casualties ) : 1200

Possible Bonus Gold : 600


Ice Cream Man

  • Power : 3
  • Life : 8
  • Speed: 1.5
  • Attack : Smash

Dairy King

  • Power: 4 DairyKing
  • Life: 35
  • Speed: 3
  • Attack: Ice Cream Blizzard, Smash
  • Throwing: Popcicles, Strawberry Cone, Sundae
  • Throwing speed: 1 item / 1.5 secs.
  • Note: His ice cream blizzard attack shrinks all your zombies and turns them blue, lowering their defence.


In addition to the spoils shared by all enemies, beating the Dairy King may give you several unique items:

  • Strawberry Cone
  • Chocolate Cone
  • Vanilla Cone
  • Ice Cream Stand (Uncertain of its rarity; about 1 per 10 Cones - Does not require Golden Dice)
  • Ice Cream Truck


The invasion was added in Version 0.89

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