Invasion Seasonal Easter
"Looks like a Badger is trying to take the Easter Bunny's place. Better go sort this out or else your zombies won't be able to get any Easter Eggs!"


The next seasonal invasion is here! An evil badger has stolen Easter and taken the Easter bunny hostage! Even worse, all the Easter eggs and chocolate have been corrupted to do his evil bidding! Can your zombies save Easter from this evil impostor? Watch out for the balloons, they can grab your zombies and fly away with them.

Required Level: 8

Population: 8

Winning: You sure showed that badger, Happy Easter zombies!

Losing: That darn Easter Badger sure did a number on you. Remember to pop them balloons before they take your zombies away.

Gold (without casualties): 1200

Possible Bonus Gold: 600

Minions 30px

Choco Bunny

Peep Golem

  • Power: 3
  • Life: 8
  • Speed: 3
  • Attack: Double hand smash
  • Power: 4
  • Life: 8
  • Speed: 1
  • Attack: Double hand poke


Balloon will snag your zombies that are in attack, and even your small zombie riding a large one. Tap to pop. If a balloon is carrying a zombie in front of the badger, it will get hit by what the badger throws, but won't take any damage.

Easter Badger

  • EasterBadger
    : 4
  • Life: 35
  • Speed: 2
  • Attack: Smash with a wand
  • Throwing: Peeps, eggs
  • Throwing speed: 1 item / 1.5 sec


In addition to the spoils shared by all enemies, beating Easter may give you several unique items:

Easter Grass Bunny Rock Golden Egg
Easter Grass Bunny Rock Golden Egg
common rare unique


  • Unlike other enemies, they have no Banner.


This invasion was added in Version 0.870
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