Invasion Seasonal Spring Break

Invade them before spring break is over!

"Your zombies want to party on the beach for spring break, but theres a bunch of party poopin' Sea Monsters crashing the scene. Someone's gotta kick them out before they ruin the fun for everyone!"


This is a limited invasion, available during the summer season (nothern hemisphere).

Required Level: 8

Population: 8

Winning: The Sea Monsters won't be coming back any time soon. Surf's up zombies!

Losing: Looks like you weren't cool enough to party with the Sea Monsters. Remember to tap them crabs to release your zombies.

Gold (without casualties): 1200

Possible Bonus Gold: 600

Minions EnemyIcon6

Male Lobster

Female Lobster

  • Chance: 55%
    Male Lobster
  • Power: 4
  • Life: 8
  • Speed: 1
  • Attack: Double-hand smash
  • Chance: 45%
    Female Lobster
  • Power: 2.5
  • Life: 8
  • Speed: 4
  • Attack: Poke


This crab will catch and carry away your zombies if you don't tap on him 10 times, rapidly! The "removed" zombies won't die, you just can't use them in that fight any more, even Garden zombies cannot resurrect them.

SquiDude (Boss)

SquiDude the giant sea monster rapidly throws sea junk at your zombies, then he comes down with a giant wave, which pushes your zombies way back on the coast.

  • SquiDude
    : 4
  • Life: 35
  • Speed: 2
  • Attack: Tentacle slash
  • Throwing:
    Beach debris bootBeach debris fishboneBeach debris seamineBeach debris squid
  • Throwing speed: 1 item / 0.7 sec


In addition to the spoils shared by all enemies, beating Spring Break may give you several unique items:

Sand Dollar Rock Lobster Giant Clam
Sand Dollar Rock Lobster Giant Clam
common rare unique

Note: Similarly to other seasonal invasions, this invasion does not award a Banner.


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