This is a limited seasonal invasion available in Version 1.12. It was removed in Version 1.15 .


Requirements: Level 8

Population: 8

Winning: ?

Losing: ?

Gold (Without casualties) : 1200

Possible Bonus Gold : 600

Felix Wonky

  • Power: ?

  • Life: ?

  • Speed: ? Photo 12-03-12 10 45 26 AM

  • Attack: ?

  • Throwing: wooden spoon, love heart lolly, pot of chocolate

  • Throwing speed: 1 item / 0.7 sec

  • Summoning: chocolate geyser; tap on to destroy; stops zombie(s)

Toothed Box of Chocolates Evil Teddy Bear Chocolate Glob Monster


In addition to the spoils shared by all enemies, beating Felix Wonly has several unique spoils:

Teddy Valentine Love Shack

Heart Candle

Teddy Valentine Love_Shack

Heart Hedge

common commom




This invasion was added in Version 1.12.

Old McDonnell's Farm
From level 1
Zombies vs Circus
From level 12

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