So far, there have been six seasonal invasions, Seaonal: Spring Break , which was available in Version 0.86 and Version 2.06, Seasonal: Easter which was available in Version 0.87, Seasonal: Brain Freeze which was available in Version 0.89, Seasonal: Halloween which was available in Version 1.05, Seasonal: Valentine's Day which was available in  Version 1.12 and Version 2.15 and Tree World in Version 1.15 and Version 2.11.
There was also the Christmas version of the Old McDonnell's Farm Invasion in Version 0.82 but that is not really classed as a Seasonal Invasion.

Loot Similarities

First off,Seasonal: Spring Break offered 3 loot items, Sand Dollar, Rock Lobster, and Giant Clam.

Giant Clam Open

Opened Clam

Seasonal: Easter also offers 3 loot items, Easter Grass, Bunny Rock, and Golden Egg.

Seasonal: Brain Freeze offers Ice Cream Stand, Vanilla cone, Strawberry Cone, Chocolate Cone and Ice Cream Truck.

Seasonal: Halloween offers Coffin 1, Coffin 2, Coffin 3, Spooky Tree and Witch's Cauldron.

Seasonal: Valentine's Day offers Heart Hedge, Teddy Valentine, Heart Candle, and Love Shack.

Tree World offers Cobrahawk Bush, Mosscrab Bush, Bunnypig Bush and Poppy's House.

Love Shack

Love Shack

Poppy's House

Poppy's House - Limited Item

Golden Egg Opened


The first loot items are both natural decor and are avaiable in the market

The second ones are items which are not in the market

The legendary items are all mobile

Invasion Similarities
Witch's Cauldron

Witch`s Cauldron

The Invasions offer similar mechanics with the exception of Brain Freeze. They all have things that take your zombies out of the fight, but do not kill them. Seasonal: Spring Break has the crab, Seasonal: Easter has the red balloon and Seasonal Halloween has a giant Pumpkin blocking the way. Seasonal Halloween has similar mechanics to the Circus Invasion except for its unique Brain Freeze where an icecream blizzard shrinks all your zombies in size and turns them blue, lowering their defence. Seasonal: Valentines Day has a chocolate fountain that traps your Zombies and Tree world makes Zombies turn into Turtles. All Seasonal invasions are unlocked at level 8.

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