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Tree World invasion


This a seasonal invasion introduced in Version 1.15 to coincide with the release of the Playforge's new game Tree World. Players must defeat various minions which are the evil reincarnations of characters from the Tree World game including an evil Poppy, known as Goffy. More info about tree world can be found here.

Required Level: 8

Population: 8

Winning: Victory! Goffy will think twice before she tries that trick again! Or she would if she weren't so dastardly. Evil forest faries aren't big on learning from their mistakes.

Losing: Oh no! Goffy has gotten away with her nefarious plan...for now.Get back as soon as you to put a stop to her wicked ways!

Gold (without casualties): 1200

Possible Bonus Gold: 600


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Bunnypig Bush


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Cobrahawk Bush


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Mosscrab Bush


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Phoenix Statue


Poppy&#039;s House Small

Poppy's House



Photo 31-03-12 8 59 38 PMGoffy

  • Items Thrown: Rotten apples, pine cones, acorns
  • Throwing Rate: 2 items/second

Bandicoon Mantis Cobrahawk

Related Quests

Quest Reward
Breaking the Spell: Defeat Goffy, the evil fairy. 200 XP
Bushwacked: Win a Bunnypig, Mosscrab and Cobrahawk Bush 200 XP
Poppy Power: Defeat Goffy five times Poppy Pet

Random Trivia

  • This is the only limited invasion which does not have the prefix Seasonal at the start of its name
  • This is the only invasion in which it explicitly advertises another game by the developer of Zombie Farm, The Playforge
  • This is the only invasion which links the player to the game Tree World upon winning the invasion (as a button on the winning notification)

Limited Only available in Version 1.15.

Old McDonnell's Farm

From level 1

Zombies vs Lawyers From level 16

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