just a little list to keep up with the things (ver 0.82) last edited:16. jan.

plants: 25/25. Some of them needs minor edits

zombies: 24/24 they are fully done

functional: 21/21 i've closer examined only a few of them, so i don't know what to say here yet

functional (rusty key+fragment): 2/2 same as above, need to check em

decor (in market): 99/101 Green Hedge and Pink Crate is missing, +some minor edits

decor (only spoils) 8/8: got them all

decor (banners) 6/6: got them all too

trees: 13/13 maybe some need minor edits

mutations: 13/13 almost done, pumpking mutation is missing (how should i obtain the pumpkinghead?...maybe next halloween...)

farm size: 3/3 maybe some editing

ground: 5/5 they're fine

others...well i really don't care, i think boosts are uploaded.

EDIT: jan. 17: all of the are done! except the pumpking mutation picture