Valentine Quest
The Valentine Gift is voucher, which you can claim the Cupid Zombie with. Only a few Valentine Gifts can be earned:

Version 0.84

  • One will be yours on Valentine's Day (February 14th, 2011). You will receive the Valentine Gift with your Daily Surprise.
  • The second is optional: Do the 3 Valentine Quests. (Which may cost you 13 Brains and 28,000 Gold) and you'll get it.

Version 0.87

  • You can buy it from the Market on Mother's Day (08 May 2011) for 8 Brains

Valentine Gift will be transferred to your Storage. Tap on it, and tap 'Use' to claim your Cupid Zombie. There's no way to claim the third Cupid Zombie, while the first is on the farm (or in the Mausoleum).

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