V073 February 24, 2010
Version 0.71

  • Fixes losing zombies after coming from the options screen
  • Fixes crash during combat
  • Fixes Facebook crash for accounts with no profile photo
  • Fixes a hang when you get to level 20
  • Removed zombie restriction at level 10
  • Free Brain when you buy a blue grave via in-app purchase
  • Clarified some tutorial text
  • Wilt time for fast crops like carrots or Mini Zombies is extended to 1 hour
  • Extra Gold is now gained on level-up during low levels
  • Added a button for manually saving the game
  • Added a Help/FAQ section with questions gathered from users
  • Added a button in the menus for customizing the farmer
  • Tapping on the farmer by accident won't bring up the farmer menu anymore
  • Non facebook users and offline users now get daily surprises
  • Your fertilized crops now remain fertilized after you close the app
  • Farmer no longer gets stuck in the plowing animation when the app is re-opened
  • Zombies no longer get hungry until you complete your first invasion

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