V083 April 13, 2010
Version 0.74

  • Avast ye farmers! A new invasion venue is available at level 21! The Dread pirate Arrrnold has threatened to plunder your crops . Fight him, out on high seas!
  • Don’t fancy your farm being on grassy meadows? How about a farm in the city, desert, or on snowy tundra. Change up the look of your farm with new swappable grounds.
  • Can’t get enough Brains? Piece together your own Brain with Brain Fragments! Earn fragments through the Market Menu .
  • Join the Zombie Farm community! A community is now accessible from within the game. Find support, guides, and join the chatter with other Zombie Farm players.
  • Overall Brain drop rate has been increased. Be sure to take on the tougher levels for even higher chances of getting a Brain.
  • A bunch of new decor has been added to the market, with more to come!
  • New and improved title screen, with a moderate dose of of fun added to it.
  • Corn has finally been added to the market. Good ol' corn.

List of new stuff

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