V083 May 25, 2010
Version 0.75

  • Say cheeeese! A photo of your farm is now taken every time you level-up. Post it to Facebook and be the envy of all your friends!
  • The Zombie Camera is here! Place a Zombie Camera in your farm and take photos of your farm anytime you want. Post it to Facebook or email it to a friend and earn some quick Gold.
  • There's a new crop in town imported from secret regions of a far away land. The fiery Dragonfruit!
  • Two new cactus trees are available to spike up your farm.
  • New decors for your farm are now available. Place roads on your farm that twist and turn. Add a spooky old Mausoleum to make your zombies feel right at home.
  • More ways to convert Brains to Gold at a discounted price!

List of new stuff

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