V083 February 28, 2011
Version 0.84

  • A Golden Dice boost has been added to help those with terrible luck getting decent loot from invasions.
  • Now using Facebook single sign on for hassle free login. No more tedious entry of usernames and passwords!
  • More bugs fixes! Fixes crashing, level reseting, zombies disappearing and more.

List of new stuff


  • Mausoleum / hunger glitch is fixed
  • Combined Zombies' color will change to gray when coming out of the Mausoleum
  • Farm Size upgrades has higher level requirements.
  • Gold from invasion is the same amount as the game shows. (Used to be twice the shown amount.)
  • Hazard Fence loot chance corrected.
  • New invasion stats music
  • Push notifications for invading and for Zombie Pot.
  • The new animated items (and the older ones like Heart Fountain ) turns into plowed land if they are left on the farm. Put them into the Storage till a bugfix comes.

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