ZF May, 2011
Version 0.87

Zombie Farm for iPad!!!!

  • See your entire farm in all its glory on the huge iPad screen!
  • Higher rez zombies and better looking invasions!
  • Bigger beautiful menus!
  • Universal app. No need to download 2 versions. Update the app on your iPad and it works!

New Seasonal Invasion: The Dairy King! The Brainiac pack

This Brainiac pack replaces the "Brain fragments" button...No more brain fragments.

Sweet improvements

  • New player profile bar for easy switching between accounts. Great for players with multiple accounts.
  • Slicker looking Options Menu
    ➭ More control over notifications: Harvest ready, invasion ready, wither warning
    ➭ Bug fixes to prevent players from losing data
  • Fixes that address the zombie error sign

On the horizon

  • Play with your friends! New fun social features coming soon… stay tuned!
  • To play your old farm on the iPad, be sure to log in to Game Center with the same account. You must have saved online from your old device for you to see your farm.

New Pet: the Pet Brain

error signs corrected

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