Zombie Camera

Sat "Brrraaaaaaiiinsss"!

"Show off your farm to friends! Earn gold by taking a daily photo. To take a photo, tap on the camera. Go nuts! Take as many photos as you want."

The Zombie Camera is a Functional item that can take pictures of your farm and post them to Facebook or send them through E-mail. You can earn 100 Gold every 24 hours from taking a photo.

Level Required: 1

Size: 1x1

Description: Take photos of your farm and earn gold

Cost: 1 Brain

Life Force: +1

XP: +80

Text: Zombie Camera used to be a papparazi. After a run-in with George Clooney he decided he was better off in Zombie Farm.

Activating text: The Zombie Camera wants to take a photo of your farm. Tap on the green button to take a photo! You will earn 100 gold for taking a photo today.

Text after e-mailing: Mail sent! The Zombie Camera firmly asserts tha the recipient will soon drool with envy!

Upload failed text: Zombie Camera choked on a chicken bone! There was a problem uploading to Facebook.

Other notes: It comes with Version 0.76


  • Given XP was 100 before Version 0.84
  • You can have only one Zombie Camera
  • When you take a second photo on the same day, the "100 gold" line is replaced by "Say cheese!" and you are not awarded more Gold.

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