This is a test for the game, Zombie Farm. It is both for beginners and experienced players. Every answer worths 1 point, the maximum score is 100 points.

Please do not cheat on the test, honesty is best policy!

Thank you, and enjoy!

A) Multiple Choice (10 points)

1. Zombie Farm was made by...
Pop Cap Games Playhaven The Playforge Sandlot Games

2. It was released in the year...
2007 2008 2009 2010

3. This game has about ... players now.
14 thousand 14 hundred thousand 14 million 14 billion

4. It is playable on...
iDevices Mac computer Facebook Ordinary cellphone

5. This game is about...
Farming zombies
and plants
Killing zombies
and farming plants
Farming zombies
and killing plants
None of them

6. Buying items gives you...
Zombies and Gold Life Force and XP Gold and Brains Life Force and Brains

7. How many zombies of each color/class are there?
4 5 6 7

8. How many zombies of each type are there?
4 5 6 7

9. How much Gold does Onions sell for?
20 40 60 80

10. How much Gold does a Zombie Pot cost?
4500 5000 7000 6000

B) Identification (35 points)

1.___________- refers to a game currency that is always won in invasions and be gotten from farming.

2.___________- refers to a game currency that is rare and can be used to purchase unique stuff.

3.___________- refers to a special thing a zombie can do.

4.___________- means buying an item in Zombie Farm with real money.

5.___________- refers to the first fast crop in the game.

6.___________- refers to a plant that rots fast.

7.___________- refers to the only bean in the game.

8.___________- refers to the pineapple which is a fast crop, too.

9-11._____________,_____________,_____________- refers to the 3 plants that never wither.

12.___________- refers to a large, green zombie.

13.___________- refers to a small, green zombie.

14.___________- refers to a zombie that could be unlocked at level 12.

15.___________- refers to a regular, blue zombie.

16.___________- refers to a red zombie that could be bought in two ways.

17.___________- refers to a female, red zombie.

18.___________- refers to the zombies that need the Zombie Pot.

19.___________- refers to a headless, blue zombie.

20.___________- refers to the special valentines zombie.

21.___________- refers to a special reward by each enemy.

22.___________- refers to the boss in Zombie vs Pirates.

23.___________- refers to the boss in Zombie vs Ninjas.

24.___________- refers to the most common minions in Zombie vs Pirates.

25.___________- refers to the boss in Seasonal:Spring Break.

26.___________- refers to the boss in Seasonal:Easter.

27.___________- refers to the boss in Seasonal:Brain Freeze.

28.___________- refers to a regular, yellow zombie.

29.___________- refers to the things that take out zombie in Seasonal:Easter.

30.___________- refers to the second invasion quest.

31.___________-refers to the version wherein there is a social update.

32.___________-refers to the large, special zombie

33.___________-refers to the kind of zombies that cost 5 brains each

34.___________-refers to the thing that you get to spin each day.

35.___________-refers to the percentage of chance that you would get a brain by spinning on the first day.

C) Enumeration (50 points)

1. Enumerate the 4 farming tools.

2. Enumerate 6 Green Zombies.

3. Enumerate 6 Blue Zombies.

4. Enumerate 6 Red Zombies.

5. Enumerate 6 Combined Zombies.

6. Enumerate 10 mutations.

D) Level of unlocking (15 points)

1.Zombie 2. ZomBumpkin 3. Party Zombie 4. Zmurf 5. Flower Zombie
6. ZomBrute 7. ZomBotanist 8. Zombee 9. Amazombie 10. Kindlehead
11. Robo Zombie 12. Headless Zombie 13. Meat Flower 14. Onions

15. Lima Bean

E) True/False (10 points)

1. Zombies wander around the farm.

2. Trees can be bought only with Gold.

3. Old McDonnell is the weakest boss.

4. Combined Zombies may compose of 2 green zombies.

5. Plowing is free.

6. Items can be collected from invasions.

7. You are allowed to invade only three times a day.

8. The maximum level is 100.

9. Zombie Farm updated over 10 times.

10. Planting could earn you Brains.

Strategy (30 pts.) (3 pts each)

Finally, the most important element of the game!!! Say what will you do in the following situations. Do not exceed 50 words in each answer

  1. You only have 6 gold left and have nothing to sell.
  2. You will be leaving the game for a long time, but you want to plant something.
  3. The Wheel of Fortune is asking you to spin it in the first day
  4. One of your zombies died in Old Mcdonnel's Battle before level 10
  5. You ran out of brains to buy a blue or red grave.
  6. You do not have any money left to buy any zombies or plants, you are broke.
  7. You are at level 16, but not blue grave nor enough brains to buy one.
  8. Your farm can only accomodate a few plots of land, and you do not want to spend your gold that much.
  9. The Dread Pirate Arrrnold killed all your zombies (Please give an answer that would work and let the game continue being fun after this main problem is solved)
  10. Your Farm is okay, but your iPhone usually resets.

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