Zombie pot empty

Empty Zombie Pot

A Zombie Pot allows you to combine two zombies into one more powerful zombie. You can buy Zombie Pots in two different ways: only one with Gold and as many as you want with Brains.

In Zombie Farm 2 the Zombie Pot is also used to create zombie mutations as well as its use to combine different mutated zombies to create a more powerful zombie.

Level Required:
25 (Zombie Farm 1)
3 in (Zombie Farm 2)

Size: 3x3
Description: Combine zombies to make better ones
6,000 Gold (500 in Zombie Farm 2)
3 BrainSmall (30 in Zombie Farm 2)

Life Force: +9
XP: +240
Text: N/A
Other notes:
It comes with Version 0.77 (Zombie Farm 1)
It comes with Version 2.01 (Zombie Farm 2)

Combining Zombies

Combine Zombies
Combining zombies is simple: press the zombie pot, confirm that you wish to combine, find and select your two zombies onscreen, review your choices, then press OK. The two zombies do not have to be the same kind; the resultant combo zombie has a 50% chance of being either of its parents' types. Combining takes 1 hour, during which the zombies being combined do not count toward your total zombie count. Unlike planted zombies, Combined Zombies cannot wither, meaning you can leave them in the pot for as long as you like. Be sure you have 15 or fewer other zombies before opening the zombie pot. Owning the Clay Monolith will shorten the combining time to 15 minutes, instead of 1 hour.

The stats of the combo seem to be unrelated to the stats of the parents: Combining two Zyborgs will produce a Robo Zombie with the same stats as if you had used two Zombots, although the color is a mix of the two unless two identical colors are used in which case the Combined Zombie will be a lighter shade of the parents' color; e.g., Two Red ZomGoblins will make a Light Red/Pink shaded Imp Zombie.

Combined Zombies may carry certain characteristics such as Mutations if either of their parents have them, but will not carry others, such as rank and number of invasions survived.

You also have a chance of creating one of the 5 Special Zombies (not including the seasonal special zombies). The Special Zombies are quite considerably less likely to be created than the normal combined zombies .

in zombie farm two you can combined two of the same zombie and it might become a different type of zombie

Combining Mutant Zombies

If you combine zombies which have different mutations on the same body part, the combined zombie will have an equal chance for either mutation.

There seems to be a bug with combining a zombie that has 5 mutations with another zombie with the same 5 mutations. The combined zombie should have those 5 mutations, but often the combined zombie has only 2, 3 or 4. A solution for this problem is to buy a Mutant Monolith. With the Mutant Monolith, combining a fully mutated zombie with a zombie with no mutation will result in a fully mutated combined zombie. This works every time.

In Zombie Farm 2, the only way to get zombies with multiple mutations is by using the zombie pot.

Zombie Pot

A Zombie Pot open, combining, and ready


  • Given Life Force was 4 and given XP was 500 and 300 before Version 0.84
  • You can sell Zombie Pots.
  • You can re-buy the 6000 Gold Zombie Pot after it's sold.
  • The zombies in the pot are not counted as an "On-Farm" zombie, so if you have at least 2 pots, you can make 16 Combined Zombies.
  • If you buy blue and red graves you can early unlock Zombie Pot.
  • You can use Insta-Grow to instantly combining zombies

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