Zombie Quest These quests are about invasions, and combining zombies.

Overrun the Farm

Farming the farmer

Big Top Bash

  • Level Required: 12
  • Task: Beat the Ringmaster 3 times
  • Reward: Circus Popcorn


  • Level Required: 12
  • Task: Defeat the Ringmaster
  • Reward: 200 XP

Capture the Flag

  • Level Required: 12
  • Task: Win a Blue Circus Flag, Green Circus Flag and Yellow Circus Flag from Zombie vs Circus
  • Reward: 200 XP

Laying Down The Law

Plundering the Pirates

Cook Up Some Zombies

Cook Up Some More Zombies

Looting the Ninjas

  • Level Required: 26
  • Task: Beat Mr. Whiskers 3 times
  • Reward: 500 Xp

Raiding the Robots

  • Level Required: 31
  • Task Beat the Robots 3 times
  • Reward: 600 XP

Ambushing the Aliens

  • Level Required: 36
  • Task: Beat the Aliens 3 times
  • Reward: 700 XP


  • Total reward: 2,205 XP
  • Charges: 810 Gold
  • Other: For Cook Up Some Zombies and Cook Up Some More Zombies a Zombie Pot is required.

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